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Rider 450 saving only as itn file

I am using this APP for the first time.

I have been using Tyre for yrs and when I came to save what I thought was a TRACK, the only option that would work and save to the tomtom, was an ITN file.

1) What format should a TRACK be saved in on a 450?

2) If I deviate from a track and miss out a waypoint, does the waypoint still expect me to go back to the missed waypoint or does a TRACK act in a more logical way? I.e. as soon as I get back on the TRACK, I just carry on along the TRTACK with out any need to go back to cancel out the missed waypoint?




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Dear Mike,

To export routes or tracks to your TomTom Rider I recommend you to use the connector, this will export your route or track correctly.

Kind regards,


Customer Support