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Support for Navigation ?

I'm having some problem using Navigation on my iPhone.

If I follow the initial expected route, it goes fine.

But if I deviate from it, even by just stoping for gaz, it seems to try to recalculate just forever.

If I'm on the expected route, I close the app and start it again and everything is OK.

I've sent this probleme to support team but have no answer for more than a month.

Are you still there developping ???

I also have an issue with my iPhone i can set up a route in my route app theni try to use the navigation app and I get no waypoints, I keep sending in notifications but after a month nothing has change. Very disappointed with the app, support is nonexistent and I will not be renewing my subscription for it.

Dear Martin and Graham,

It is a pity to hear of these issues.

Regarding the recalculation, it often helps to delete and reinstall the app. If this is not the case for you, please make a ticket. We will then look for another solution.

Furthermore, it is a pity to hear that your experiences with the support have not been positive. We try to answer every ticket or forum topic, there are however, rare cases in which we do not succeed to answer a question satisfactorily. 

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support


Still had no support, one email that was useless, still I get “can’t calculate route” still no updates! Can I have my money back on this subscription as 4 months on and nothing improved!

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Dear Graham,

It is very unfortunate to hear this from you.

Regarding the fact that you still have not received any support, I checked every ticket and forum topic that was made with your emailadres. All these tickets received an answer and were closed more than a month ago. This would mean that your ticket did not reach us. Therefore, I would like to ask you to send the ticket again.

The problem with Navigation can be caused by the fact that the route is not perfect. This can be caused by the fact that the route was not created in the Garmin/HERE map or that waypoints are not placed on a road.

I look forward to your ticket.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support