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Toolkit Utilities - Expand, Reduce, Split, Reverse

I tested MyRouteApp last week on a return trip 200 mile windy run from South to North of England.

It was great and by using many tactical Waypoints I was able to control the TomTom's .ITN route quite precisely. As it was an .ITN route TT was also able to recover and allow skipping of WP's when I deviated - whcih is not so easy with a track and prone to error.


However, when I used Reverse for the return route (great option by the way!) I had to move a number of waypoints because they were on the wrong side of the road (making the route do U turns and re-routing). I missed a couple as they are hard to spot - If there was a way of identifying and/or correcting these it would be great.

Expand, Reduce

I like the concept of these, especially when working with uploaded tracks. Navigating with tracks on the TomTom is not perfect and the best solution is to import as ITN's with waypoints. The problem is you get too many 'trackpoints' from an uploaded "recorded" track and when converted to Waypoints the TT Navigation screen is very cluttered (making some functions unusable). 

I cannot find anywhere the logic employed in calculating the reduction/expansion. We apparently have to guess the optimim number of Waypoints but how do we know if it is likely to effect the accurate tracing of an .ITN route (using tracks is too error prone on TT) on the TomTom it needs to be reflected in the result - or is it already? Perhaps it is - so can we have a plot of current route and reduced route so we can spot any deviations - even better give us an automated maximum reduction before any deviations are encountered to remove guess work?

Can anyone provide an explanation of the logic used here so we can use these great new features to plan with some certainty?

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Dear Chris,

Your suggestion is logical, however, I discussed it with our developer and he told me that implementation of the suggestion is nearly impossible.

Furthermore, there is no optimal number of waypoints, this depends on the length of your routes and the type of device you use. If you place them please make sure that you do not place them near crossings, overpasses, etc.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me agian.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support