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Home location


Sorry for this Newbie question... I did try "search", but to no avail.

Before I paid for "gold", the map would open up centered on my home location.

Now after buying "gold" it opens up centered on a spot 800 km north of my home (this may be the location of my ISP?).

I searched far and wide in account/settings for a way to set my default home location, but I can't find anything!

Help would be appreciated!


Dear Joakim,

Thank you for your question. This all depends on whether or not you accept the website to access your location. If you do, it depends obviously on the location you are at at the moment of accessing the website.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

Thanks Koen.

Well, I´ll accept pretty much anything, but the location of my home will be the same until I die, regardless of where I might be in the world when I open the app.

The problem is that the program seems to grabs the location of my IP-adress, which in that case happens to be 800 km north of my home?

What I would like to see is the function "set prefered default start location on map" or "set home location" etc in settings, so the map always opens at the spot of my choosing.

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