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Is it possible to add an option to the settings that if you continue riding after a pause, recording starts automatically if wanted? Today I forgot to press pause off after a coffee break and it would be great to auto-continue when I start moving for example at the speed of over 10km/h?

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That's strange, I make a ticket.

Can you move this question to the android section, please?

Hello Jukka, In settings, you can "auto pause" set.

You mean "pause tracking when standing still", I tried that but it doesn`t work in my LG g2 Android 4.4.2 phone.If I put it to "on" mode and back from the settings and go to the settings again, it has returned to the "off" mode.


That's strange, I make a ticket.

Autopause doesn´t still not yet work. I tried to put it on, but nothing happened. In fact, it is impossible to see if it is on or off. Nothing gives you the information. If I go to the settings, the box in the autopause is always in the off mode. Honestly, I don`t even know if it is ment to be on when it says off or vice versa. 

On my Samsung S4, the setting for autopuse is not saved. When I open App i's always off.

Setting the "Pause tracking when standing still" works on my iphone 5 running ios 8.3.  When tracking... it does go into "Pause" after a certain amount of time... but when I started moving again, it did not start again
automatically.  One needs to press the "Start" button again. 

  • Is it supposed to stop and restart automatically?  This would be a great feature.,, but it doesn't appear to work that way now.

  • What is the time delay at which it goes into a "Pauze" ?  Currently it seems very short... and if it does not start back up again... then tracking could stop completely on a traffic light.  So maybe the time should be user selectable... like the time delay before tracking starts.

  • "Tracken gestart" - Dutch?  In English should be "Tracking started"
  • "Pauze" - button - I expect this wasn't translated yet.


Hello Tim,

Please make a support ticket for this problem.

Daniel takes a look at it.



Has the "pause tracking when standing still" option been removed from the settings menu? I don't see it!


Yes, it was not working correct, so we working on a better function.

When using MyRoute-app on my iPhone 4s, if I select: Distance Unit, Start Interval or Share a new screen appears to make adjustments but there is no way of returning back to main page? I have attached a screenshot from my phone.


The developerv takes a look at this.

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So far as I know it is fixed, maby delete the app and install again.