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Support for HERE maps on Android

Given that Sygic is unreliable on Android when it comes to taking waypoints from MRA and calculating a route ... it will work one time, then fail another.

Could you investigate whether you could pass the route to HERE ...



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Hi Jason Bramley,

Our team is currently hard at work with different projects. On of which being a completely overhauled MyRoute-app app with our own free-to-use navigation integrated. This new navigation app makes the earlier suggested connections obsolete. We hope you will enjoy our new navigation tool when its available!

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Is there any update on your progress?

Most people like Sygic more, but everybody has is own preference.

Yes, we try to connect our app with Osmand, CoPilote and Here, but on this moment we not sure if it is possible.

HERE maps on Android is the best navigation app I have tried on Android.  It would be great if we could export to HERE and not have to use Sygic



Can you make this route 'Public'? I can not find the route in your profil.

No, it's this one: JB RideOut BoxHill to Loomies

Is it this one that gives problems: Archies Bank Holiday run - Sygic Version

If so, I can install the UK cart and test it.

Sorry, it's not obvious in the web interface - how do I do this?

Sorry, I mean a MyRoute-app file, not a Sygic file.

Find attached.

This works sometimes though. Very random.


As an reply with attachment on this post, or to

How would you like me to send it to you?

Can you send me a route that not works with Sygic? S I can take a look. 

No one get 90% fails with Sygic.