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Created a route. Not showing in the Route lab.

Just created a route today near Cincinnati, OH USA. It is not showing yet in the Route lab. It is set to public.

Okay, I understand, in the track libary you see only the record tracks with the app.

i ve just come back from a runaround on moors on bike and got back pressed stop on the app and yes to upload . yet agin its not appeared though one i did a couple days ago of which was further is on my profile so where is the new one ?


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I started tracking my unplanned route, on my iphone,  when I finished I clicked completed then clicked yes to  save but I can't find it anywhere. where would it be? there is nothing in my timeline or tracks and it is not in my routes.


Hi Steve,

Did you try 'Tracks' tab in your Profile?

Hi Christian,

yes Ive looked in Tracks, activities timeline and nothing shows up.

Its a shame as it was a 5 hour ride out

Ok I went out today. started tracking, got to my destination and pressed "complete" it asked me if I want save I clicked yes asked if I want to recommend I said no, there was no sign of it.

tried it again, started tracking, wealked around a bit , completed etc and it was there. also did the same for my ride home. does it only save boring rides? or is it just random to what it saves?

It only shows recommended tracks :)!


I think it might be something to do with a strong gps signal at the start? it seems to work all the time now. I see it in  my profile, routes or tracks so thats good. Next is to try and get them onto the route lab.

Thanks Christian.

 I think the track has to start with strong gps signal , it tells you if it is weak and asks if you want to carry on anyway, if you click yes it doesn't record it, I think. For it to be put in activities you have to make it public and click recommend. I managed to do a couple and it worked!!

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