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Expand app connectors, especialy CoPilot

I really like to use multiple navigation apps, searching for the best one but sometimes I am forced to do that because some developers changes things not always for the best... I now am satisfied with CoPilot but the developer didn't update the iTunes transfer protocol, so the app simply became useless to me and all the guys who used it to follow their route.... The best app for planning is already here, and it's getting better :) , please help us a little more ;)

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Yep I would like to be able to export to copilot as well

We take a look at that Spencer.

The problem with Sygic when navigating on a multi-waypoint route built on Tyre or TomTom is that you MUST hit all the waypoints and you cannot mark any of them as "visited" like you can on the TomTom XL. If you bypass a waypoint, Sygic keeps telling you to go back and hit that waypoint making the rest of the navigation useless as it never "gives up" and moves on to the next waypoint.
The current nav mobile apps are full of useless stuff but lack the core features needed for serious motorcycle traveling. So far, nothing beats the old and cheap TomTom XL.


We will try, the best IOS and Android navigation app on this moment is Sygic.

You can make a route in MyRoute-app Web, open the route in MyRoute-app Mobile and select Sygic for direct navigation.