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some ideas...

Here are a few ideas i had when testing MyRoute-App (Web). Some of them would be especially useful for people who want to manage more own routes and tracks.

  • possibility to save a certain position and zoom factor for the map view under "Route map / Route library" (otherwise i always have to search and zoom in my home zone)
  • additional button "my location" for the map view under "Route map / Route library" to be able to switch to my homezone easier
  • under "Activites" there should be an additional filter "my routes" (beside "everyone" und "friends") to display only my own routes/tracks
  • under "Route lab / Route library" there should be an additional filter "my routes" (beside "All routes") to display only my own routes/tracks
  • possibility to hide the "Friends" sidebar if not needed (e.g. to have more room for the map view or if you don't want to share with friends and so have none)
  • routes should have an additional field like "folder" or "category" for a better management of a larger amount of routes (e.g. under BaseCamp i have categories like "chapter tours", "100-200km", "200-300km", ">300km" etc.). Just like the other fields (like "privacy" or "last change") this new field should be sortable under "Profile / Routes" to have quicker access to certain routes.
  • toggling between "Google maps" and "TomTom" (which is great!) should be possible without changing position an zoom factor ervery time. This way it would be much easier to compare details on your route (e.g. when imported from Tyre which unfortunately doesn't support TomTom maps yet).
  • some possiblity to import/export routes from/to Tyre directly (options like "edit in Tyre" in MyRoute-App and "save in MyRoute-App" in Tyre would be great)
  • it would be much better to be able to have "Waypoints" and "Favorites" both opened at the same time
  • it would be better to have some categories for your favorites (like in Tyre), especially if i have lots of them
  • possiblity to import an manage POIs would be helpful (just like in Tyre)
  • some way to duplicate or copy existing routes to be able to create different alternatives more easily (i know that "save as" and "upload route file" is a workaround)
  • "undo" would be great (too easy to make some mistakes, but difficult to fix it most of the time!)
  • possibilty reverse waypoints or reorder after selecting a new starting point when editing or creating a route
  • when editing a route there should be some small info windows with global data (e.g. total length and time, current amount of waypoints)
  • distances and time don't work when using TomTom maps (bug?)
  • there should by the option "avoid highways" when using TomTom map
  • the routing is different when using TomTom map. If you're using TomTom's own routing algorithm is there a possibility to offer more options (e.g. curvy route)?
  • is there a possiblity to import routes and tracks from a TomTom 400 directly?
  • is there a chance to get import and export functions for Garmin devices?

Keep up the good work!

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I have post a reaction in the other topic wit your suggestions.

You can already import and export from and to Garmin devices.

I agree with Mario - great job Michael, well done.

Especially I'd like the filter activities to be country specific.

Reverse route would be useful, as with hiding the 'friends' sidebar to give more map view.

Keep up the project :-)

We working on it.

On the possibly to import and manage POIs; these should be private - Friends - Public the same as tracks. With an optional submit entries button if the 'owner' wants to manage a list for friends or public.

Yes, we are almost ready with the POI interface, first Europe and later whole world.


Good to see that the features are expanding to get towards a TYRE functionality.

Can I add one to the list?

In TYRE you have a work around to allow planning of routes that go through seasonally closed roads such as alpine passes. I can't see how I do that with MyRouteApp. Would it be possible to transfer this feature over?


Yes, we are working on a 'skip function', just like in Tyre.

But it is easier, change the map to TomTom or Here, which take no account of closed mountain passes.


Thanks for the quick response.

I had a route that I am planning through Austria for next summer. It was ok on the tom-tom app, but today when I opened it it wouldn't go over the Grossglockner pass. I tried adding some further waypoints, but still it wouldn't have it. Hence my comment as I thought that it was treating the pass as closed. It was the only reason I could think of for the change. Tonight I have been able to make it work, so still not sure why, but all is ok. I was using the tom-tom mapping all the time.



Maby a TomTom server failure, I don't know, we keep an eye on it.

Awesome work guys!!!!

One thing I noticed is that it would be really neat to be able to use the TomTom "Toolkit" between waypoints.

That's it really... good work again!



Unfortunately that is technically not possible on this moment.


Can I add one?

It is great to see the waypoint numbers on the map symbols. Would it also be possible to change the colour of individual waypoint markers from the right click menu? When planning a longer route it would be good to be able to identify the stopping points or ends of days visually. Later on the route could be split into individual days as in TYRE.


The most helpful poi that's not on many mapping programs is to be able to see Petrol Stations built

into the main map, as I / we tend to use non motorway routes.

We hope our POI inteface, with petrol stations, is ready within 2 weeks.