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Problem with skipping waypoints

Hi, I would like to report a problem I had with My Route. The best way to explain the problem is to describe the incident. I am currently looking for a new house and I had several to visit in a morning. I thought it would be a good idea to put each house location in as a waypoint. This was working well until I lost internet connection while MRA was trying to recalculate. Eventually I got a signal and the route resumed but wanted to take me back to the first waypoint. When I realised what was happening I decided to skip the waypoints that I had already visited. However when I set off again MRA wanted to take me back to the last waypoint visited. The title of the waypoint was the correct name for the waypoint I wanted to visit which confused me. I decided to skip that waypoint even though on the face of it I hadn't visited it. On resuming the route MRA directed me to that waypoint even though I had skipped it. So in summary, there seems to be something wrong with the skipping waypoints.
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